Hot Rock Spa

Packages For Couples in Carp

Spa Packages For Couples in Carp

Really Hot (but still innocent) Spa Massage

” Anything in life that’s any fun is either immoral, illegal, or fattening”
This saying is often attributed to Alexander Woollcott, but we should query whether he knew anything about the Traditional sauna massage.
Sauna Treatments are one of the most pleasant, healthy, and amazing procedures that you may experience. It can be described as a complex manipulation with leafy branches, hot air, steam, and ice. The purpose is deep and comfortable heating of the body and gentle skin cleansing plus stress and pain relief.

The Couples massage session takes 3 hours, with an average duration of each procedure in the hot room being 7-10 minutes, warm procedures – 10-15 minutes, and post-sauna procedure – 30 minutes. Relaxation breaks between treatments are 10-15 minutes in length.


Packages For Couples in Carp

Close to Kanata.

Hot Rock Spa is located on the outskirt of Carp, just a 10-minute drive from Kanata.
As the complimentary service, we can pick you up from your home and bring you back after the sauna treatments.

Video footage of Couple Massage.

June 2022.

Included in the package:

Serviced Spa Rental
Couple Treatments:
Steam wrapping
Temperature controlled pre-heating
Hot leaves back treatment
Add 30-minute skin moisturizing massage just for $30 per person.
– Add 30-minute skin moisturizing massage just for $30 per person.
– Add a return trip “Carp – Hot Rock Spa” just for $20.