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Back Massage with Hot Leaves



Spa Massage in Steam Room

Intensive back healing from the shoulders to the toes. Starts from contactless air waiving using brooms as fans, the Sauna Master directs heat to your body to ensure even and comfortable heating. After preheating the hot leaf compresses are applied to your back to ensure the heat penetrates deeper into your tissues. The combination of compresses and waiving is very relaxing and prepares you for gentle tapping. Focusing on the signals of your body and with your goals in mind, the Sauna Master uses complex percussion techniques to achieve absolute relaxation of all muscles and intense warming of all tissues.


Back Massage with Hot Leaves Ottawa


Health Effect of Sauna Treatment

During the Hot Leaves massage, the greatest attention is paid to the collar zone and lower back – where stress and pain are frequent in people who spend hours at a desk or driving a car. The calf muscles are thoroughly warmed and massaged to relieve spasms in this area, a common issue in people who spend extended periods on their feet.

Special techniques of tapping the thighs with hot brooms contribute to the reduction of cellulite, noticeable after just a few treatments. The maximum effect is achieved by combining procedures in a warm room with anti-cellulite wraps. 

In addition to the common sauna effects described above, the hot leaves back treatment helps eliminate headaches, release tension in the muscles and reduce cellulite. In addition to providing a general relaxing effect this procedure is good for relieving colds, reducing cellulite on the thighs and abdomen (in combination with body wraps), relieving tension in the arms and improving sleep – especially when adding a special combination of herbs to the hot leaf wraps.

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