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Woodstove Spa (Banya)

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Traditional Sauna (Banya) – is one of the most pleasant, healthy, and amazing treatments you’ll ever experience. It can be described as a complex manipulation utilizing hot leaves, hot air, steam, and ice. The purpose of Traditional Sauna is for deep and comfortable heating of the body and gentle skin cleansing in conjunction with stress and pain relief. 

This technique is hundreds of years old as these Northern European sauna and healing practices were developed centuries ago. While there are some differences, a traditional Nordic style sauna is similar to a Native American sweat lodge.

The ways we are different: 

The most significant difference between our spa and any other known spa in Ottawa are:

  • Privacy. 40 acres of wilderness in 15 minute drive from Downtown. All Spa premises (about 0.5 acre) are protected with an extra fence for your private rentals
  • Best price for private rentals – just $30 per person in a group of 8. 
  • Flexible booking policy.
  • Woodburning steam room. Designed for the adepts of traditional sauna culture. Woodstove with half-ton of the heated stones. 
  • Affordable packages for couples and groups.
  • Experienced Sauna Masters who convert steam, heat, and energy of fire into your health, good sleep, and positive mood

Details and photos are on the page “Facilities”.

Traditional Spa Treatments.

Woodstove Nordic Style Sauna (Bania) has many significant health impacts, such as improved sleep, effective muscle pain, and strain relief, deep cleaning of the skin, the elimination of toxins from the body, stress relief, and increased energy.  Many people claim that the sauna relieves symptoms of minor illnesses such as colds and revives muscles after tough physical exertion. Benefits of a sauna may also include a cleared complexion. Personally, we believe the traditional Nordic style sauna gives you a feeling of psychological peace and contentment as well as physical rejuvenation.