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Frequently Asked Questions.

How to book. 

Q: How can I place the reservation?

A: Please use the instant booking system https://spacarp.ca/booked or just send us an email to info@spacarp.ca

Q: Is a credit card required to book desired time slot:

A: The reservation is free; no credit card is required. We just sent you an invoice, and you have two hours to decide if you want to keep this time and pay a $50 deposit to secure your reservation. Book now

Packages and services

Q: What services do you have: 

A: Our core products are self-service sauna rental and traditional steam room treatments, including hot leaves massage, warm peeling, hot reflexology, and after-sauna treatments. 

You can find rates on page: https://spacarp.ca/booking/packages/packages-spring-2022

Q: Can you describe the Hot Leaves Treatment? 

A: The steam room treatments – are a new concept for Canada. We have promoted this service in Ontario for 15 years (we had the spa resort on Golden Lake before  2019), and most of our clients did try this service the first time. Almost all of them became our long-time clients and admirers of this ancient practice. 

 Hot Leaves  Treatments are one of the most pleasant, healthy, and unforgettable procedures you may experience. It is a complex manipulation with leafy branches, hot air, steam, and ice. The purpose is deep and comfortable body heating, gentle skin cleansing, and stress and pain relief.

Every treatment is tailored to your needs and goals. In this video, you can see the example of gentle treatment, demonstrating more intensive (healthier, more valuable, and more exciting) treatments. 

Steam room treatments are our core services, but if you want extra services like deep tissue massage or beautician services, we can invite a third-party licensed professional qualified to execute such services.

Q: What service can you advise for me? 

A: The safest way to secure your time is to book just the self-service sauna rental ($240/3h) now. After you pay the deposit, we contact you to help you choose the right service. 

Q: Can we alter the packages? 

A: All packages include three common treatments, which are necessary as preparation steps for the individual procedures. All personal treatments can be altered during the session to meet your personal needs.

Q: What is fashioned today? 

A: Our exclusive services – are Steam room treatment, including Hot Leaves massage. We are the only operator in Ottawa who provides full range of these services. 

Q: Can we come for the massage only? 

Massage can be booked just as part of the Spa package.  

Q: Can you explain the  Hot Leaves Treatment in plain English? 

A: Every time we ask newly converted Sauna Fans to describe their first Hot Leaves experience in plain English, we get back something like, “Wow! So relaxing! Unbelievable! Amazing! Alex, how are you doing that? Fkng Good!”. So we are still unable to describe clearly the content of the Hot Leaves Treatment. In formal terms, it is intensive manipulation with leaves bunches around your body in the hot wet room, involving waving, applications, and slight slapping, which results in the client’s euphoria, his/her exiting exclamations, happy smiles, and unconscious wish to pay enormous TIPs. 

  We recorded and published many videos and collected several links to third-party videos about Sauna. Unfortunately, any media reflects just a visual impression and can not translate overwhelming feelings: excitement in every muscle, a feeling of flight, deeper breath, fresh air in each cell of your skin. All these sensations have a scientific explanation beyond them, as smart as controlled stress, positive sensory overloading, and shifted oxygen balance. Still, the authentic Hot Leaves Treatment is more art and magic than formal procedure. So you can not find the answer before you come and try.


Q: The price range. 

A: The Hot Leaves Treatment is tailored, exclusive and expensive service. Package for couple costs $399/3 h. Self-service sauna rental $240/3h. The best price you can get with the group visit to share the sauna rental cost and group treatments cost. The best price we can offer for individuals is $39/3h during the Open Sessions. 

Q: Are you more expensive than Nordic Spa-Nature, Chelsea? 

A: We offer more affordable rates for individual tickets and packages, including massage. However, we are very different from Spa Le Nordic, so please check the comparission table to ensure you compare the apples to apples.

Q: What the price for the services, packages? 

A: Please find the rates at https://spacarp.ca/booking/packages/packages-spring-2022

Q: Can I have better price? 

A: We can offer the better rates,  if you are flexible with time and/or agree that the trainee participates in the sessions as a Sauna Master assistant and/or if you agree to share facilities with other guests during the Open Sessions. 

Q: Cost and variation of the couple packages? 

A: The couple package is $399, you can find package description at

We can offer better rates if you are flexible with time and agree that the trainee participates in the sessions as a Sauna Master assistant.

Q: Cost and variation of the solo visitor package? 

A: The VIP package is $399 per person. Description can be found here https://spacarp.ca/booking/packages/vip-package

We can offer better rates if you are flexible with time and agree that the trainee participates in the sessions as a Sauna Master assistant.

Q: Is a 50% discount for the Hot Room Treatments still available? 

Yes, this option is available with Serviced Sauna Rental in Fall 2022. 

You can book Serviced Sauna Rental for $350 (3 treatments are included) and add Hot Leaves Treatment for $22 ( half price of $45), as well as skin moisturizing massage for $30 (half price of $60). 

This deal works well for the groups and does not gain significant benefits for solo visitors and couples. 

You are welcome to bring your friends to share rental costs and make the deal more affordable. 

Q: Do you offer gift certificates? 

A: Yes.  The gift certificates are available. Contact us in advance if you want the best price for the certificate with maximum face value and perks for your loved one.

Insurance and registered massage therapist

Q: Do you have a Registered Massage Therapist? 

A: Yes, we cooperate with registered massage therapists who can provide service at our location. Advanced booking is required. However, our core product is Steam Room treatments, and therapeutic massage can be used only with Sauna Packages.  

Q: Can we claim massage insurance? 

A:  For the packages, which include services of a certified massage therapist, you can claim insurance just for the massage part – $120 out of the whole package. For the other packages, you cannot claim insurance.

Q: Can I book the massage? 

A:  We can schedule any package with a skin moisturizing massage. The registered massage therapist for the therapeutic massage is available on the advanced booking, usually 2-3 weeks in advance. We can offer massage services just in a package with Sauna Rental.  

Background and staff

Q: For how long did you stay in business? 

A: We used to run in Ottawa Valley spa resort “Goldenville” for 12 years. In 2019 we sold the resort business and built a new spa in Carp, Ottawa. We restored spa operations in Spring 2022 after most CODIV restrictions had been lifted.  

Q: Can you tell me more about the staff? 

A: All services are provided by well-trained practitioners. To avoid any miscommunication, our policy requires that proper professionals directly address your specific questions. So if you are looking for therapeutic massage, manicure, or beautician services – we re-direct your request to the practitioner. 

Q: Who executes the treatments? 

A: Many options are available. For him or her alone – please check VIP packages ( https://spacarp.ca/booking/packages/vip-package)

For the couple, please check the Couples Package https://spacarp.ca/booking/packages/spa-packages-for-couples.

Two sauna attendants (male and female) usually lead the  Spa session. The returning guest can choose which sauna attendant performs his/her treatment (subject to availability). You can also choose only male or only female sessions. 

Our policy restricts any opposite-sex one-to-one Sauna and Massage sessions.

Q: Is the “female personnel only” option available? 

O: Yes, for the female guests, the option “only female personal” option for most services is available. Please, pay attention – this option can be considered only for female clients.

Q: Can we tour the sauna to see how it`s organized before booking?

A: Yes, you can work on an appointment. 

Q: Are all of your associate professionals? 

A: Yes, all our staff has been trained for the operations they are allowed to execute at our Spa. 

Q: Where are you located? 

A: Hot Rock Spa is located in Carp, 10 min drive from Kanata. 

Privacy and etiquette. 

Q: Are the sauna sessions private? 

A: Yes,  with a self-service sauna rental, you will have all land and all premises at your own disposal. No one else will share the sessions with you. 

If you are looking for a serviced sauna rental or any sauna treatments and massage – the sauna attendants and massage practicioners will stay on the property as long as you require the service. 

Private rentals and parties 

Q: Can we bring our own food and drinks? 

A: Yes, you can. For alcoholic drinks, please obey the Ontarian laws and regulations for private events ( with -self-service sauna rental) or for public events ( serviced sauna rental).

Q: Is it suitable for a bachelor party?

A: According to past experience, our Spa is one of the best possible options for the bachelor party. 

You will get numerous facilities, including a steam room, air-conditioned lounge, above-ground pool, party gazebo, and firepit. All this stuff is for your private use at the secluded spot with private parking. 

The most affordable option is a self-serviced rental – $240/3 hour or $360/6 hours. It included all facilities for your use and no stuff on the site. We ready the spot, meet you and leave you alone for the desired time. 

You can sing and dance like nobody’s watching because nobody will.

However, for the parties like yours, the “Serviced rental option” is the most popular. For $350/3 hour (or $470/6 hours), you get all described above, plus 3  Steam Room treatments for the whole group. Stream room treats are new, healthy,  exciting, and highly instagrammable. 

As the exotic present, we can include one Hot Leaves Treatment for the bride ( or the person of your choice) for half price.

After the group treatments, every guest may order additional treatments – including Steam Room treatments or/and skin moisturizing massage. The discount for each individual treatment is discussed individually and depends on the number of orders and availability of practitioners.

Usually, serviced sessions are performed by two sauna attendants (male and female), but you can request a same-sex-only session (subject for availability).

Q: How many people can you accommodate?

A: We have almost half an acre of fenced yard with three gathering areas (air conditioner, hilltop gazebo, fire pit) for 8-12 people each. The steam room can accommodate up to 8 people at a time.


Hot Rock Spa Vs. Nordic Spa-Nature (Spa Le Nordic). 

A: Le Nordic is a public Spa with shared facilities, unlimited visit time, and supplementary personal services. 
At Hot Rock Spa, you get private 3 hours sessions and all attention and service from two sauna attendants. You make the rules; you choose the services. 
To compare apples to apples, in Le Nordic, you pay $88 per person, so $176 per couple, just the access to shared facilities. At our spa, you spend $240 for the exclusive use of all our facilities ( Package: Self-Service rental). Nordic Spa has more amenities, but you have much more at our place in terms of facilities per guest. 
In terms of services, you can add a $135 massage at Le Nordic, so it became $ 446 per couple with a one-hour treatment. A couple’s package at our spa costs $399 per couple, including 3 hours of tailored treatments for you and your partner. 
Although, the most valuable part of our service – is Hot Leaves Treatment. It cannot be formalized; you should try it. It is multi-level sensations, unique feelings, and long-lasting health effects. 

Q: Do you have a pool? 

A: Yes, we have above ground pool 48” x 15’. It is good to cool down after the Steam room. The pool is not heated and can operate just in temperatures above zero.

Q: Are any air-conditioners? 

A: Yes. Very powerful one in the lounge. 

Q: Heated floors? 

A: Yes. In the lounge.