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Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party Ottawa

If you are looking for fresh ideas for your Bachelor party – think no more. We offer you a solution that fits most tastes and budgets.

You can order the unserviced rental and enjoy all facilities on your own, or you can book the serviced sauna rental to please your guest with traditional sauna treatments, including affordable group treats or amazing Sauna Ceremonies.

Spa Bachelor Party in Ottawa

All You Need For The Party

You will get numerous facilities, including a steam room, air-conditioned lounge, above-ground pool, party gazebo, and firepit. All this stuff is for your private use at the secluded spot with private parking. 

The most affordable option is a self-serviced rental – $240/3 hour or $360/6 hours in Fall 2022. It included all facilities for your use and no stuff on the site. We ready the spot, meet you and leave you alone for the desired time. 

You can sing and dance like nobody’s watching because nobody will. 

However, for the parties like yours, the “Serviced rental option” is the most popular. For $350/3 hour (or $470/6 hours), you get all described above, plus 3  Steam Room treatments for the whole group. Stream room treats are new, healthy,  exciting, and highly instagrammable. 

Bachelor Spa Party Carp

As the exotic present, we can include one Hot Leaves Treatment for the bride ( or the person of your choice). 

After the group treatments, every guest may order additional treatments – including Steam Room treatments or/and skin moisturizing massage – for half price. 

Usually, serviced sessions are performed by two sauna attendants (male and female), but you can request a female-only session. 

You can bring your food and drinks, or we can order third-party catering.

Bachelor Party Destination Ottawa


Hot Rock Spa is located on 40 acres of private land at the outskirts of Carp.

We are just in the short drive from Kanata and can pick up our guests and bring them back home after the party.