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What happens in Hot Rock Spa – Stay in the Hot Rock Spa…

Want to spice up your bachelor party in a memorable and exciting way? Planning a spa day may be fun! In addition to the obvious relaxation factor, there are several more advantages.

Relaxing: Have a spa party for your friends and have a blast! There’s a wide variety of things you may do with your friends.
Instagram-worthy: In all honesty, a popular Instagram post can garner a lot of attention.

Think about it – while your bride might have pictured her bachelorette party as a classy night day, you can make one step up and show her that men can do it better. Plus, you’ll earn major points for thinking outside the box and not succumbing to the usual bachelor party cliches.
During a spa party, there is no need for stiff conversation or a dress code, so guests can relax and enjoy themselves.
So, go ahead and book that spa day to really step up the ante on your bachelor party. I can assure you that it is a refined and unique choice that will leave a lasting impression on youfriends. Perhaps you’ll establish a new standard for bachelor parties everywhere. Organize your bachelor Party in Ottawa in Hot Rock Spa!

All You Need For The Party

The most affordable option is serviced rental – $700/6 hours.

Early Bird Special: 25% OFF for all orders placed before April 2023.

You will get numerous facilities, including a steam room, air-conditioned lounge, above-ground pool, party gazebo, and firepit. All this stuff is for your private use at the secluded spot with private parking. 

Also, this package includes 3 group treatments in the steam room. The group treatments are like a delicious and memorable meal you can serve to your bachelorette party guests. Our one-of-a-kind services and experiences are carefully put together to make a spa journey for you and your friends that you will never forget.

Just like a chef prepares a meal with skill, we plan our group treatments with skill so that they are a complete and luxurious experience meant to be shared. Our signature steam room sessions are the perfect way to make an event that you and your guests will remember for years.

Bachelor Spa Party Carp

Add the personal touch.

After the group treatments, every guest may order additional treatments – including Steam Room treatments or/and skin moisturizing massage. 

Hot Leaves Treatment costs $60 per person or $400/for 10 guests.

The cost of the 30 min massage – is $60 or $400/for 10 guests.

Usually, serviced sessions are performed by two sauna attendants (male and female), but you can request a female-only session. For groups of six to twelve more participants

You can bring your food and drinks, or we can order third-party catering.

Bachelor Party Destination Ottawa


Hot Rock Spa is located on 40 acres of private land at the outskirts of Carp.

We are just in the short drive from Kanata and can pick up our guests and bring them back home after the party.