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Our spa is located in Western Ottawa at the outskirt of Carp. Just a 10-minute drive from Kanata and about 15 minutes drive from Stittsville.
Despite being located in a busy neighborhood, our spa is a sheltered and private area. With over 40 acres of private land and a half acre of gated spa space, you’ll feel safe and private just 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa.

Our Services:

  • Private Sauna Rental
  • Serviced Sauna Rental
  • Couples Spa Massage
  • Hot Leaves Sauna Treatment
  • Traditional Sauna Ceremony
  • Skin moisturizing after spa massage

Spa facilities:

  • Woodstove Steam Room
  • Lounge
  • Gazebo
  • 1/2 acres of fenced terrain
  • Showers
  • Bathroom
  • Private Parking

What is Hot Leaves Treatment?

Sauna Treatments are one of the most pleasant, healthy, and amazing procedures that you may experience. Hot Leaves Massage can be described as a complex manipulation with leafy branches, hot air, steam, and ice. The purpose is deep and comfortable heating of the body and gentle skin cleansing plus stress and pain relief. On the video below – the hot leaves treatement preformed at our spa for the outstanding couple from Ottawa in Junen 2022