Hot Rock Spa

Hot Reflexology

This procedure is an intensive thermal and mechanical treatment of the feet and palms. 

After preliminary non-contact warm, the master creates compresses with hot brooms on the feet and combines them with kneading of the feet. After complete relaxation and flexibility of the tissues is achieved, the master uses the broom sticks to manipulate acupuncture zones. Combining hot compresses with a foot massage, the master activates the energies of the body, having a noticeable effect immediately.  

At the request of the client, thermal contrast can be included in the procedure. The combination of very hot compresses with icy touches creates a surprisingly bright physiological effect, according to some guests this is a very pleasurable experience.

The same procedure is repeated for the palms.

The procedure is recommended to relieve tension in the feet and lower legs, to increase vitality and relieve stress.