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Hot Room Treatments in Ottawa

Hot leaves front  treatment

This treatment is gentler than the hot leaves back treatment but is equally as effective. The procedure begins with a non-contact warm-up. The Sauna Master takes the hot air from the top of the room and distributes it along your body. By increasing the intensity of the strokes they pump air the air creating the feeling that you are in a dense, warm bed of feathers. 


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Hot leaves back remedy

Intensive back healing from the shoulders to the toes. Starts from contactless air waiving using brooms as fans, the Sauna Master directs heat to your body to ensure even and comfortable heating. After preheating the hot leaf compresses are applied to your back to ensure the heat penetrates deeper into your tissues. The combination of compresses and waiving is very relaxing and prepares you for gentle tapping. Focusing on the signals of your body and with your goals in mind, the Sauna Master …

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Hot reflexology 

This procedure is an intensive thermal and mechanical treatment of the feet and palms. 

After preliminary non-contact warm, the master creates compresses with hot brooms on the feet and combines them with kneading of the feet. After complete relaxation and flexibility of the tissues is achieved, the master uses the broom sticks to manipulate acupuncture zones. Combining hot compresses with …

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Ice and flame 

This is the most extreme experience you can have in a hot room. This procedure can be performed both independently and as an addition to any of the sets of procedures. The core of the process is alternating hot and ice-cold compresses which are accompanied by massage and soft kneading techniques. 

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Hot air wraps Ottawa

Hot air wraps. Contactless treatment.

This is a deep non-contact heating procedure that usually precedes other more specific procedures. The group of guests sits on the bench while the Sauna-Master catches hot air from the top levels of the Steam room and brings the heat down to the guests, ensuring heat is delivered to each part of the body – from shoulders to toes. 

The temperature and intensity of warming is selected depending on the overall level of health of the group.

Depending on the purpose of the visit, steam wraps can be combined with aromatherapy sessions or preceded by intensive massage and therapy.


Aromatherapy Ottawa


Among the unique features of our spa that separate us from our competition are special devices that allow us to generate different types of steam and water-steam mixtures – from over-dried fine steam to wet and heavy steam created using the surface of hot stones.

During Aromatherapy sessions the Sauna Master uses different types of steam and unique mixes of herbs to create a healing environment. We usually use two or three types of broad healing tinctures to demonstrate their effect to guests. However, to achieve a special effect, such as improved sleep, stress relief and relieving cold symptoms – special mixtures can be used.

In the evening, the effect of the procedure is enhanced by lights accompaniment.

Despite the absence of physical impact on the body, this procedure contributes to the creation of a unique physical and mental state.

By influencing all perceptual systems, a controlled overload of sensory systems occurs, and this results in a state akin to euphoria. 

Sauna near Ottawa

Temperature controlled pre-heating

The least stressful and most beneficial beginning to sauna procedures is achieved when warming up in the steam room from low temperatures (50-60 degrees Celsius) to the temperature of the hot room (80-90 degrees Celsius). 

Our sauna is the only one in Ontario equipped with the engineering systems that allow you to control the temperature and uniformity of heating and, if necessary, change it to lower temperatures, which usually remain underheated.

When you try a controlled, slow body warm-up in the steam room you will immediately feel all the benefits of this approach.