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After sauna treatments

Body moisturizing

Hot room treatments open your skin, cleansing it and allowing it to breathe. To heal the derma micro-traumas and to protect the skin from drying out, we recommend the application of water-based lotions after all other procedures are done. As with any other sauna activity you can perform moisturising by yourself or can order this treat from our associates. Context of this treatment depends on the practitioner and typically consists of a combination of light, non-therapeutic massage with elements of energy healing and acupuncture.  

This treatment itself does not result in the any significant health effect but it is a great way to end your session – light, enjoyable, sensual and calming. 

After sauna treatments Ottawa

Classic Massage. 

Classic massage executed by a licenced massage therapist. Located in the traditional massage studio, the therapist spends time preheating your body to ensure all muscles and tissues are relaxed. After a Steam room treatment your body is already well heated and the efficiency of a 30-minute treatment can be compared to the impact of a 1-hour treatment in a traditional studio. 

Deep Tissue Massage Ottawa

Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment is highly efficient after steam room pre-heating because your tissues and muscles are deeply warmed. This level of muscle relaxation is almost impossible to reach with traditional massage techniques. Extra energy, improved sleep… the best spa experience. 

Foot massage in Ottawa

Foot massage.

Relaxing. Enjoyable. Healing.  


Aesthetic procedures Ottawa

Aesthetic procedures:

The procedures below do not require special introductions as they are common treatments available at most Spa salons in Ontario. The only significant difference is that cosmetic and therapeutic treatments are much more efficient and less painful after a stream room preheating. Your body is more relaxed, tissues are softened, and the skin is warmed. After the sauna these treatments will be more effective and less straining on your body.

Facial Mask     

Facial. Skin cleaning.