Hot Rock Spa

Serviced Sauna Rental

You can reserve our Serviced Sauna Rental for groups of up to 8 people at a rate of $350.

During the 3-hour rental period, you will have exclusive access to all the premises. Our dedicated sauna attendant will be present throughout, assisting with preheating the steam room, tending to the fire, and addressing any queries you may have.

You can request a complimentary demo session. During this session, our Sauna Attendant will provide detailed explanations of individual sauna treatments and let you experience their effects firsthand.

Once the demo session is complete, you have the option to book additional treatments or simply enjoy the sauna at your leisure.

Special offer for April of 2024 – free group treats & 25% Off individual treatments.

  • Get three group treatments in the steam room – dry pre-heating, aroma therapy, and steam wrapping for free with Serviced Sauna Rental for group
  • You can add Hot Leaves Treatment for $45 (compared to the full price of $60)
  • You can add a Skin Moisturizing Massage for $45 (compared to the full price of $60). 

Is this package for you?

This package is designed for visitors who are unsure about including the Hot Leaf Treatment or for groups of 6-8 guests who specifically desire just a demo version of the Hot Leaf Treatment.

For groups of 2-4 people who want the enriched spa experience, we recommend the Luxury Packages for Two.

For bigger groups, we recommend the ” Party Package”.

Business owners have the option to utilize the “Serviced Rental for Business,” which is a tax-wise choice, but does not include spa services.