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Serviced Sauna Rental

Serviced Sauna Rental Ottawa

All premises yours to use for 3 hours. The sauna attendant stays on the property and helps you preheat the steam room, maintain fire, assist with any questions and execute  three group treatments in the steam room – dry pre-heating, aroma therapy, steam wrapping, and a complimentary demo session  – during which the Sauna Attendant will explain individual sauna treatment in detail and allow you to feel its effect;

After the demo session is completed, you can book any additional treatments or just enjoy the sauna on your own.

Serviced Sauna Rental in Ottawa

Fall 2022 Specials

Half Price Treatements option is available with Serviced Sauna Rental. 

You can book Serviced Sauna Rental for $350 (3 treatments are included) and add Hot Leaves Treatment for $22 ( half price of $45), as well as skin moisturizing massage for $30 (half price of $60). 

This deal works well for the groups and does not gain significant benefits for the solo visitors. 

You are welcome to bring your friends to share rental costs and make the deal more affordable.