Hot Rock Spa

Our Facilities

40 acres of privacy

The Ways We Are Different.

•          Our primary service – is private sauna rental. Our guests receive all facilities for their own use. No crowd. No shared facilities. No obligatory silence mode. You set up your own rules for your private session. 

•          We provide an exclusive service – Hot Leaves Treatment. A highly healthy and enjoyable mix of thermal and mechanical

•          You can order traditional spa services (massage, beautician, skin treatment) from our professionals, or you are welcome to invite your own practitioner.


Woodburning Sauna (Bania) is the first stage of Carp Spa development, which is located on 40 acres of well-treed private land which is adjacent to thousands of acres of environmentally-protected land. See Friends of Carp Hills page for more information. No other businesses are located in this area, so you will find yourself in the edge of wilderness – despite the close proximity to the Canadian Capital. The sauna perimeter is secured with additional private fencing around approximately a half-acre of land. Sauna territory has three major levels: steam room and lounge on the base level, a barbeque terrace on the middle level and an observation deck with a breathtaking panoramic view on the top floor. Please note that the top level may be inaccessible during the winter months.

Steam room. 

Traditional Nordic style 13’ x 7’ steam room with a massive woodstove. 

White Cedar interior.

Unique fine steam injection system and slow evaporators

Artistic illumination

Abobe Ground Pool


28’ x 10’ lounge with heated floors, comfortable armchairs and big windows overlooking the natural beauty of the Carp Hills. 

Barbeque Terrace. 

Large 8’ x 16’ deck, located approximately 30 feet above the base level. Protected from the wind by a glass fence and equipped with a Napoleon propane barbeque.