Hot Rock Spa


Among the unique features of our spa that separate us from our competition are special devices that allow us to generate different types of steam and water-steam mixtures – from over-dried fine steam to wet and heavy steam created using the surface of hot stones.

During Aromatherapy sessions the Sauna Master uses different types of steam and unique mixes of herbs to create a healing environment. We usually use two or three types of broad healing tinctures to demonstrate their effect to guests. However, to achieve a special effect, such as improved sleep, stress relief and relieving cold symptoms – special mixtures can be used.

In the evening, the effect of the procedure is enhanced by light accompaniment.

Despite the absence of physical impact on the body, this procedure contributes to the creation of a unique physical and mental state.

Aromatherapy is much more than just a nice smell. It is a multidimensional sensation. By influencing all perceptual systems, a controlled overload of sensory systems occurs, and this results in a state akin to euphoria.