Hot Rock Spa

Dress Code

Our sauna has a private fenced area, so the choice of dress is entirely up to you. However, we do ask that you use bathing suits or other appropriate clothing if you are booking a sauna service or expect to leave the sauna area.

The general sauna effect is achieved by contact with the hot air on your skin, so you may want to maximize the contact area by using separate swimming suits and short shorts for the men. Speedo swimming pants and cotton gourmets are also acceptable for the Steam Room Treatments.

 For massage treatments, most spa salons recommend removing your clothes to enjoy your massage. A sheet will always cover you to respect your privacy, and only the part of your body to be massaged will be uncovered.  However, we respect our guests who prefer to keep their undergarments on.

Your psychological and physical comfort is our top priority, so the choice is entirely up to you. Just make the choice that helps you relax and enjoy any moment at our spa.