Hot Rock Spa

Nordic Spa, Ottawa vs. Hot Rock Spa Carp

The ways we are differ

  • Shared Facilities vs. Private Rental
  • Crowds vs. Privacy
  • Public regulations vs. Your Ruling
  • Unlimited Facilities vs. Core Facilities
  • Spa Enforced Schedule vs. Flexible Schedule
  • Restaurant Food&Beverages vs. Bring or Order Your Own
Nordic Spa Ottawa

We love other Spas in Ottawa, but they differ in many ways. To explain the difference simply and illustratively, we can compare our facilities against Spa Le Nordic. Why did we choose Le Nordic? Just because we admire this well-designed and perfectly run business, we spent a lot of time among Chelsea’s tranquil beauty, and almost everyone who is a sauna enthusiast in the Ottawa region has visited Spa Le Nordic at least once. Because of the above, the direct comparison is the best way to illustrate the specific points of Hot Rock Spa for you.

Shared Facilities vs. Private Rental

Nordic Spa, OttawaHot Rock Spa, Ottawa
You share numerous facilities with other visitors.All permisses just for you. You are literally the Queen/King of the hill and of the surrounding 40 acres.
A lot of pools, steam rooms, and gathering areas.All necessary facilities, but only one unit of each kind.
 Great choice of services, including massages, body care, and deep tissue massage. Best choice of RMT in OntarioSteam room treatments, including Hot Leaves Massare – are our core services. Relaxation massage is available. Therapeutic Massage required an advanced appointment. Best Sauna Master in Ottawa


Nordic Spa vs Hot Rock Spa Ottawa

Crowds vs. Privacy

Nordic Spa, OttawaHot Rock Spa, Ottawa
Public access, so you enjoy pools, saunas, and rest areas, among the other visitors.You are the only visitor and ruler during your sessions.
 You can use facilities for the all day. Private sessions are limited to 3 hours.  
Spa Le Nordic

Public regulations vs. Your Ruling

Nordic Spa, OttawaHot Rock Spa, Ottawa
Prescribed behavior for all areas. You can enforce or eliminate any sound restrictions, dress code, choose your music or just stay with the sounds of nature.

Restaurant Food&Beverages vs. Bring or Order Your Own

Nordic Spa, OttawaHot Rock Spa, Ottawa
There are several restaurants with delicious meals and cold beverages.You can bring your own food, or we can arrange catering from a third party.
No cooking facilitiesPropane BBQ, Charocal BBQ
Hot Rock Spa

Money Value.

 Nordic Spa, OttawaHot Rock Spa, Ottawa
Single Ticket$88 ( The winner!)$240
Visit Per Couple. No extra services. $176 (The winner!)$240
Visit Per 4 persons. $352$240
Visit Per 12 persons.$1 056$240
Solo visitor ticket and two hours of individual treatments (massages, body care, etc.)$88(ticket) + $105 body care + 135 massage = $399 ( The winner!)$399 VIP Package +$30 massage = $429
(3 steam room treatments, Hot Leaves Massage, Skin Moisturising Massage)
Couples visits$176 tickets + 210 body care + 270 massage = $798$399 Couples Package + $60 massages = $459
Family of four Visit= 399 *4 = $1 596$350 Serviced Sauna Rental + $ 220 eight individual treatments = $570
 Food and Beverages Drink $10, Beverages $4, Meal $20.  Bring Your Own. Drink $3, Meal $5; Propane is Free; charcoal $?, fresh burgers $3 (Costco)


We illustrated the difference between Spa Le Nordic and Hot Rock Spa to help you with informed and rational choices. We love Nordik Spa-Nature, we wish continued prosperity to all Ottawa spas, and we want every sauna lover in Ottawa to find a place that suits their individual preferences. We had an experience with a guest who booked our place and expected it to be exactly the same as the Nordic Spa. He was not happy for a while. Of course, this guest has become our best fan after a unique Hot Leaves treatment in the steam room, but we want to see happy smiles from the first minute of your visit. Therefore, please take a close look at this page and feel free to ask any questions you may have.
Each resort in Ottawa has its own advantages. Fortunately, you have a wide range of treatments to suit every taste and price. The only case I would insist Hot Rock Spa is the absolute leader – is Hot Leaves Massage. If you are looking for something new, refreshing, extremely healthy, and pleasant – please schedule your visit at your earliest convenience. 

Hot Leaves Treatment at Hot Rock Spa. Executed by Sauna Attendant Maria and Alex. June 2022.