Hot Rock Spa

Spa Massage in Carp

4-hand massage for individuals.

Let the universe revolve around you. Selfishness is not always harmful. All attention to one guest – all procedures are customized for you.

Enjoy private rental of the whole facilities and the exclusive attention of our staff for 3 hours. 

Relax with: 

  • Steam wrapping
  • Temperature controlled pre-heating
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Stick and leaves massage
  • Skin moisturizing massage

Couple Massage.

Time to feel the warm, soothing touch of caring hands. 

3 personal and 3 group treatments, a pre-defined set of procedures, and two sauna attendants to perform. 

This package is an add-on to the Serviced Sauna Rentals and includes a set of treatments most popular among couples (warm leaf massage, hot air wrapping, warm body peeling, and skin moisturizing non-therapeutic massage).

The average duration of each procedure in the hot room is 7-10 minutes, warm procedures – 10-15 minutes, and post-sauna procedure – 30 minutes. Relaxation breaks between treatments are 10-15 minutes in length.

In the video: couple massage performed in Hot Rock Spa in June 2022.

Spa Massage near Ottawa

Packages for groups

A set of typical procedures performed during a Banya session is often referred to as a Sauna ceremony.

Banya treatments can be described as a complex manipulation utilizing hot leaves, hot air, steam, and ice. The purpose of Banya is for deep and comfortable heating of the body and gentle skin cleansing in conjunction with stress and pain relief. 

As a general rule, the Banya ceremony is an intensive thermal treatment lasting 1.5 – 3 hours inclusive of breaks to relax. Most often, the ceremony includes hot leaf treatment, contrast procedures, various types of peeling, and massage. The set of available procedures depends on each individual practitioner. 

This technique is hundreds of years old as these Northern European sauna and healing practices were developed centuries ago. While there are some differences, a Ancient sauna is similar to a Native American sweat lodge.

We are located in Carp and can bring in and out your small group if transportation is an issue for you.