Hot Rock Spa

Steam Room Leaves Peeling

Warm body peeling/contrast

This procedure is an example of the balance between pleasure and health.

After non-contact pre-heating of the body, the sauna master mixes techniques of compress and stroking and peels the entire body with bundles of hot leaves. 

This type of peeling is much more gentle than mechanical peeling, but highly effective – a large amount of dead skin is typically removed from the body.

The unique nature of natural peeling is that the leaves serve both as an abrasive that removes dead skin, but also release natural oils that heal microtraumas and provide useful substances renew the skin.

In addition to warm peeling, the sauna master rinses the skin with cool water, which creates a very pleasant sensation, increases skin elasticity, and enhances the ability of the pores to thermoregulate.

The effect of the procedure is felt immediately – you feel lighter and younger and it allows the cells of your body to breathe.