Hot Rock Spa

Temperature controlled pre-heating


The least stressful and most beneficial beginning to sauna procedures is achieved when warming up in the steam room from low temperatures (50-60 degrees Celsius) to the temperature of the hot room (80-90 degrees Celsius). 

Our sauna is the only one in Ontario equipped with the engineering systems that allow you to control the temperature and uniformity of heating and, if necessary, run heat to the floor level, which usually remains underheated.

When you try a controlled, slow body warm-up in the steam room you will immediately feel all the benefits of this approach. 

Moreover, the effect of proper pre-heating will be felt not only during the first session, but also during all subsequent procedures. The body will respond much better to intense treatments, including hot leaf treatments, contrast treatments, and any type of massage.

If you do not like high temperatures or have health limitations, then this type of preheating is sufficient to prepare for gentle treatments in a warm room or in a relaxation room.