Hot Rock Spa

Our associates

Regina Samikhova

Regina is a very experienced massage therapist with a background in physiotherapy and medicine.

She constantly improves her qualifications and improves her practical skills, working as a massage therapist at Nordic Spa and our spa.

An advanced appointment is required.

Available days: Saturdays after 5 pm, Sundays, Mondays.

  • Registered Massage Therapist (relaxation massage, deep tissue massage)
  • Beautician (facial, waxing)
  • Background in medicine and physiotherapy
  • Diploma in Hot Stone Therapy (2005)
  • Medical Spa specialty Honour from the Beauty Academy
  • Facial Specialist Diploma from the Beauty Academy

Chi Yung Ho

Certified massage therapist (from Montreal) who studied Manipulative Therapy at the Chinese Manipulative therapist Acupuncture Institute in Hong Kong. Studied Tuina massage before his move to Ottawa in 2007. He started to run the massage industry in 2015. He provides massage with a mixture of techniques including Tuina, acupressure, and moving hot stones massage in Relaxation massage/ Deep tissue massage/Therapeutic massage.

An advanced appointment is required.

Available days: Weekdays after 2 pm.

Maria Milasisus

Maria trained for the qualification of Sauna Master Assistant and was approved to practice the entry-level procedures in the Steam Room, including the aromatherapy, contactless hot leaves treatment, and warm room treatments, peeling.
Maria is an experienced event organizer and she is the best person you may contact before arranging the birthday party at our Hot Rock Spa.

Available days for an appointment: any with advanced booking.

Alex. Manager/Owner

In 2010 I built a Spa resort on Golden Lake, Renfrew County. I ran the resort business for 9 years and the central piece of our business was the amazing wood stove sauna on the shore of the lake….

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