Hot Rock Spa

From the owner


My name is Alex. Throughout my life I have performed many jobs ranging from office work, to development, writing and publishing books. In addition to this I have gained several advanced degrees including an MBA from the University of London and a PhD in Economics. Despite these academic achievements I never found a fulfilling use for my degrees. The true passions of my life are literature and the art of the Traditional Sauna. 

I’m not sure if I consider these endeavors a job or a hobby. I was born with these passions and for as long as I can remember they’ve been a part of my life. 

In 2006 I moved to Canada and in 2010 I built a Spa resort on Golden Lake, Renfrew County. I ran the resort business for 9 years and the central piece of our business was the amazing woodstove sauna on the shore of the lake. 

Over the course of the 9 years, I welcomed hundreds of guests, including sauna enthusiasts and curious guests who were looking for a new experience. 

I was happy every time an experienced sauna user told me that my Spa met their highest expectations for a comfortable and authentic sauna.

Although, I found even more pleasure when I had a chance to provide a new experience to North Americans who had never tried a traditional Nordic-style sauna before. All guests who tried my sauna and hot leaves treatment fell in love with this pleasant and healthy experience. Some people were excited, some guests became addicted and I even had a guest shed tears of joy because of the bright and positive effect of the Sauna Ceremony.

Most of my guests were from Ottawa, so I sold my business on Golden Lake and I have moved to Ottawa and started a new Spa project. Now, I’m happy to introduce to you the new Traditional Style Spa in Carp, Ottawa. This sauna is different from my previous project and we have some unique features which you will not find in any other private sauna in Ontario. 

On this website, I have tried to explain the context, effects, and goals of the Sauna Ceremony and of the Hot Leaves Treatments. I have also outlined the basic techniques that are used by the Sauna Master. Although no words can truly describe the beauty, joy, and emotional satisfaction of the authentic Sauna ceremony.