Hot Rock Spa

What is Hot Leaves for?

Exploring the Essence of Our Signature Treatment

We’ve been working in Ontario for nearly 15 years, and all our guests have been 100% satisfied with the Hot Leaves treatment. However, our biggest challenge is explaining the treatment to newcomers. We frequently receive phone calls from guests asking, ‘What exactly happens during the ceremony?’ Despite our extensive experience in Ontario, we still struggle to provide a clear explanation. Below we are attempting to describe the action of Hot Leaves using metaphors to clarify its effects

Air Fans: As the Hot Leaves act like Chinese fans, they are not just playing around—they’re strategically pushing the hot air from the ceiling downwards. This ensures that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the sauna, enveloping each guest in comforting warmth. This even distribution of heat is crucial for warming every muscle thoroughly, preventing cold spots and promoting deep relaxation.

Heat Sponges: When the Hot Leaves absorb the heat from the stones and are then applied directly to the skin, they serve as localized heat compresses. This direct application of heat helps to deeply warm the muscles, easing tension and facilitating relaxation. It’s like bringing the warmth directly to where the body needs it most, ensuring each muscle gets its share of the soothing heat.

Healing Hands: By mimicking the strong, capable hands of a massage therapist, the leaves effectively press and knead against the body’s tissues. This action not only helps in pushing the heat deeper into the muscles but also aids in breaking down knots and tension spots. This gentle yet firm massage ensures that relaxation penetrates deep into the muscle fibers, enhancing the overall relaxation and comfort of the sauna experience.

Peeling Gloves: As the leaves glide over the skin, acting like exfoliating gloves, they do more than just cleanse. By removing dead skin and impurities, they improve blood circulation to the skin’s surface. Enhanced circulation means more heat is efficiently distributed across the skin’s layers, aiding in deeper muscle warming and promoting a healthier relaxation response.

Bamboo Massage Sticks: The gentle tapping of the leaves, akin to bamboo massage sticks, subtly stimulates the muscles and skin. This light percussion helps to relax superficial tension and promotes a soothing rhythm that can ease the mind and body. The tapping also enhances heat penetration by encouraging better blood flow to the extremities, ensuring that warmth reaches every part of the body.