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Leaf’s treatment techniques

Breaking a Russian Bania ceremony into procedures and vaping techniques is just as pointless as breaking music down to the notes. The sauna ceremony is an integral symphony, and the maximum effect is achieved by alternating the necessary procedures and techniques, at the judgment of the Sauna Master. Sauna treatment is more art than trade and it required a lot of experience and continuous interaction between the customer and Sauna Master. 

Although, we listed below common techniques of Hot Leave Massage to refute the prejudice that the bathing procedure consists of the ruthless beating of the patient. Such vulgar approach we have seen in one of the well-known spa center close to Ottawa and we want to ensure the readers of our website that that primitive “Russian sauna” has nothing in common with the highly enjoyable, healthy, and exciting Bania treatment we offer. 

Front pre-heating. Contactless waving. Technique – OPAHIVANIE.

Back pre-heating. Contactless waving. Technique – OPAHIVANIE.

Press and scrub massage. Technique – Compression & STRETCH

Intensive back treatment. Technique – POSTEGIVANIE

Gentle Front Treatment. Technique – OPAHIVANIE with skin contact.

Hot leaves preparation for the deep heating massage.

Deep heating massage.

Cold water contrast after deep heating

Intensive back massage.

Leafs and sticks feet treatment.

Common Hot Leafs Treatment techniques:

OPAHIVANIE : slightly waving a broom, not cling to the body, walk through a few times along the body from head to toe and back on both sides. In this case, there is a nice warm breeze .

Stroking : Spend a leisurely broom along the body to the neck and back several times , as well from both sides. If the temperature is very high, the broom does not stays in contact.

Shaking : if you want to warm up the body stronger , periodically raise your broom up, where the air temperature is higher and shake them . The heated broom HUG for 2-3 seconds then to the back, then to the blades , then the feet and knee joints . If the shelf is very hot , whisk periodically cooled, plunging into the water.

POSTEGIVANIE : stroking the body of alternating light glancing blow with a broom . In this first lie on your stomach, then – on the back , and then  again on the stomach.

COMPRESSION with a broom up and grabbing the hot air , make a 2-3 blow to the body, again raised and pressed against the body of 2-4 seconds – make a poultice . The compress is especially useful for pain in muscles and joints.

TRITURATION : doing a usually on the second or the last entry in the steam room after a short pohlestyvaniya . To do this, take a broom with one hand on the handle , and the palm of the other hand jam with a broom on the body and rubbed his strokes and circular movements . After grinding sit down, get up after that should be in gently – maybe dizziness .

STRETCH : on the lower back and put two brooms , holding them to the body , is diluted in different directions ( to the head and feet ) . Good use for low back pain .