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$199 Hot Leaves Experience


Delightful. Healthy. Sensual.

“Everything beautiful in this life is either immoral, illegal or leads to obesity.” There is only one exception – the traditional sauna (Banya).

Hot Leaves Massage is one of the most pleasant, healthy, and unforgettable procedures you may experience. It can be described as a complex manipulation with leafy branches, hot air, steam, and ice. The purpose is deep and comfortable body heating and gentle skin cleansing, plus stress and pain relief.

Hot Leaves Massage is literally the culmination of the classic sauna ritual, which also includes pre-heating, steam wrapping and aromatherapy.

This special price is available with Semi-Private rentals. You can find more information here.

Gift Certificates are available.

$199 for a Full-Scale Hot Leaves Experience

Services included:

Steam wrapping

Temperature controlled pre-heating


Famous Hot Leaves Massage

You can add :

Skin moisturizing massage $60

Tissue massage (Not MRT) $90

Skincare $90

Facial $90

Session Duration: 1.5 hours in the Steam Room and 60 minutes in the Massage room


For the Winter-Spring 2023.

Available days:


Available sessions:

9 am, 10.30 am, 12 pm, 1.30 pm, 3pm.,4.30 pm, 6 pm