Hot Rock Spa

Semi-Private Rental


The same experience for a half price

We are passionate about the ancient sauna (Banya). We felt terrible when the high price ($350) for a serviced private rental limited access to this fantastic and healthy experience for many Ottawa residents.  In the fall of 2022, we introduced Open Sessions, rapidly gaining popularity due to the very affordable price ($39) for a rich sauna experience. Although not everyone is comfortable sharing a sauna space with strangers, and for objective reasons, we cannot provide the entire Hot Leaves experience during open sessions.

We have struggled to find a compromise, and here it is. From November 2022, we are introducing “Semi-private sauna rental.”

In December 2022, Semi-Private rentals are available on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

$199 for Semi-Private Sauna Rental.

Services included:

Steam wrapping

Temperature controlled pre-heating


Famous Hot Leaves Massage

You can add for half price:

Skin moisturizing massage

Tissue massage (Not MRT)



The only difference

You get the same steam room treatments and hot leaves treatments as you get in any full-price package. You do not share a bathhouse, gazebo or fireplace with anyone.  You pay half the price. Where is the trap? 

No trap, just small neuaunses.

The massage room and the steam room are used simultaneously by different guests. But you never see these guests – they use a private massage room while you are in the sauna. The following guest will use the sauna after they move to the massage room for post-sauna treatments.

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