Hot Rock Spa

Optional services for the groups.

The “Guided Tour” option includes two steam room treatments for the entire group.

The cost per set of two treatments is $50.

It can be carried out for the entire group of 12 people, with the sauna packed to capacity, or in two trials (6 people and 6 people), which provides more comfort for an additional fee of $50. These sessions are both educational and entertaining. The duration is anticipated to be 90 minutes, including breaks between sessions.

Sauna Massage.

Hot Leaves Treatment is our flagship service. This is an incredibly new and joyful experience for Canada. Absolutely everyone who tried it was overly enthusiastic. Please read the guest testimonials to support my claim.
We would recommend adding this service to the group package at a cost of $45 per person, but we should consider the timing – the session takes 20 minutes

Individual vs. Double session execution.

Hot Leaves treatments can be performed on either one person ( $60 per person) or two people simultaneously. Therefore, a group of 12 guests will require two to four hours. The extra hour costs $50.


“Hot Leaves Self-Treatment Workshop” is the adaptation of Hot Leaves Treatments for large groups. Throughout the 20-minute sessions, the Sauna Attendant demonstrates the correct techniques, and guests are encouraged to try them out for themselves. It may be a beneficial experience for team building and enjoyment. The demo session costs $30, and each bundle of hot leaves costs $20.
The combination of the limited personal treatments with the workshop may help to optimize the timing and maximize the fun (for example, the Hot Leaves Treatment for four individuals and Self-Treatments for the remaining members of the group).


For the guests who want to relax and save on Uber services, we offer transportation services – home to the Spa and Spa to the home. The price is $50 in a radius of 25 km from our spa and $75 for the longer rides in the limits of Ottawa.


We can order some food from the local service provider at the cost of Uber Eats plus TIPs to the driver. Alternatively, we can offer a unique gourmet experience, find more details here.