Hot Rock Spa


Our Special.

Shashlik (a Georgian way to cook the lamb on still sticks over natural charcoal). Shashlik is our most demanded meal. It is served with garden salad and special flatbread.

Jucy, spicy, delicious. 250 grams of marvelous meat.

1- 8 portions: $45 per person

8 + portions: $30 per person

The “Special meal” can be updated to the full experience, including the “Salad a la Olivie, Chicken in the Nut souse (Sacivi), Hearing Under Beetroot coat, and Hot Beans in the Tomato Sause ( Lobio), Pancake rolls with a salmon or minced meat, Beetroot salad and many other meals of your choice. The cost of each additional meal: is $12 per person, if booked for a whole group of 8+ guests.