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Thai Massage

Pain Out, Happiness In.

Thai Yoga Massage is a form of bodywork that combines acupressure, stretches, and Indian Ayurvedic principles. It is thought to stimulate energy flow and promote overall wellness. Here are some conditions that may see improvement with Thai Yoga Massage:

  • Joint Pain/Arthritis
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Muscle Tension and Pain
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive Disorders

The Onwer’s Statement.

Dear Fellow Ottawan,

There are only two prerequisites to make Olena’s Thai Massage an essential part of your wellness routine:

  1. You’ve celebrated your 45th birthday.
  2. You’re in a position to invest $110 monthly into your well-being.

Gifted healer Olena Gabai offers treatments that go beyond traditional massage. They are a harmonious blend of physical healing and energy exchange, each session designed to bring your body and mind into optimal condition. I can personally vouch for her skills and dedication – when I suffered from knee pain that disrupted my work and sleep, Olena provided relief in a painless and gentle manner.

Olena’s unique approach transcends the physical aspects of bending and twisting. She connects with her clients on a deeper level, attuning her techniques to the unique responses of each individual’s body.

At the heart of Thai Massage lies the principle of energy exchange. To honor this, Olena offers just two exclusive sessions per day, each imbued with her full energy and focus. The first session, beginning at 10:30 AM, is a premium experience priced at $150, reflecting the fresh energy of a new day. The subsequent session, while equally dedicated, is offered at $110.

Health benefits :

  • Stress Relief:
  • Better Flexibility:
  • Energy Flow Is Improved:
  • Muscle Tension Release:
  • Improved Circulation:
  • Detox:
  • Pain Relief:
  • Mental Clarity and Relaxation:
  • Better Posture:
  • Overall Well-Being:

Special of July:

Free Sauna Use with any Thai Massage

Massage after a sauna is massage squared.

Using a steam room before a massage enhances its efficacy in multiple ways:

  • The steam room’s heat and humidity aid in the relaxation and loosening of muscles. This makes the tissues more receptive to the massage’s therapeutic techniques.
  • The steam room’s heat increases the elasticity of the muscles and connective tissues. This increases flexibility and range of motion, allowing the massage therapist to address areas of tension or distress more effectively.
  • Steam chambers induce sweating, which contributes to the detoxification process. Sweating aids in the elimination of toxins and metabolic debris.

The Cherry on The Cake.

Twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday), Olena transports her Thai Massage mastery to the heart of Carp’s natural splendor. Our open-air massage studio, nestled on a scenic hill amidst the unspoiled beauty of the Canadian wilderness, is a haven of tranquility. It pulsates with the ancient energies of the Canadian Shield, setting a therapeutic stage that amplifies the healing properties of each massage. This exceptional location catapults the experience beyond the constraints of traditional indoor spa treatments, charging you with a rejuvenating energy that stands unrivaled. Immerse yourself in this unique fusion of nature and healing, only at our Carp’s Nature studio.