Hot Rock Spa

Your Spa in Western Ottawa

Short Drive from Ottawa Downtown

No need to drive a hundred kilometers to find a secluded, comfortable, and well-equipped spot for your party.
Hot Rock Spa is located on the edge of 40 acres of the private parcel.
No other businesses are located on the spot, so you will find yourself on the edge of the wilderness – despite the close proximity to the Canadian Capital. The sauna perimeter is secured with additional private fencing around approximately a half-acre of land. Spa territory has three major levels: a steam room and lounge on the base level, a barbeque terrace on the middle level, and an observation deck with a breathtaking panoramic view on the top floor.

European Experience Near You.

The most significant difference between our spa and any other known spa in Ottawa are:

  • Privacy. 40 acres of wilderness in 15 minute drive from Downtown. All Spa premises (about 0.5 acre) are protected with an extra fence for your private rentals
  • Woodburning steam room. Designed for the adepts of traditional sauna culture. Woodstove with half-ton of the heated stones. 
  • Best price for private rentals – just $30 per person in a group of 8. 
  • Special devices are integrated into the stove, to allow us a generation of different types of steam and water-steam mixtures – from over-dried fine steam to wet and heavy steam created using the surface of hot stones.
  • Team of wizards (Sauna Masters) who use magic wands (Birch sticks) to convert steam, heat, and energy of fire into your health, good sleep, positive mood

All kinds of Sauna Treatements

In the video: Hot Leaves Treatments performed in Hot Rock Spa. June 2022