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Sauna culture

The club of interest.

Usually scheduled weekly or monthly, like book club or any other type or social gathering, this form of socialization is very popular. It can be a very democratic club, like community saunas in Germany – no clothes, no privileges. On the flip side, Russian sauna clubs often became elite gathering where businesses and politics were discussed and ruled. Both cases are extreme examples, and in most cases sauna gatherings were among old friends, colleagues, neighbours, etc. In Russia this type of gathering typically had same sex participants, whereas in the Germany the groups were usually mixed.

The health club. 

Often amateur athletes like soccer or volleyball players entered the sauna after sporting events to relax, release muscle tension and enjoy refreshing drinks after a game.

Family event. 

Instead of dinners in the pubs, many families chose sauna as a healthy and relaxing alternative. With proper precautions, the sauna is great for any age and all family members can find enjoyable activities. It can be a sensual and enjoyable session just for two or a gathering for all generations of a big family. 

Beauty salon. 

A Bania environment is a terrific place for personal care. Such activities may include self-treatments, like facemasks or skin moisturisers. It is common practice to invite a cosmetologist, pedicure master or massage therapist to treat participants between steam room visits.