Hot Rock Spa

Outdoor Spa. Ottawa

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Our spa is a ten-minute drive from Kanata, on the outskirts of Carp, on the 40 acres of private property with controlled access and big fenced terrain.
For the residents (Kanata, Carp, Stittsville), we offer to pick up from the home and drive-to-home service

Our services

  • A self-serviced sauna rental. Use all facilities for 3h on your own
  • Serviced sauna rental. Allow us to help you with all your needs, including  3 sessions of steam room treatments (pre-heating, aromatherapy, and steam-wrapping)
  • Steam room treatments, including Hot Leaves Massage, warm peeling, Hot reflexology
  • After sauna treatments, including skin moisturizing massage, deep tissue massage, beautician services 

Private sessions for small groups.

At the Hot Rock Spa In contra to the other spa, you do not share the space with strangers, but enjoy all facilities for yourself. 

Two sauna attendants stay on-site all time (except for the self-serviced sauna rentals) 

The most cost-efficient way to enjoy our services – is to book the sessions for groups of 2-4 persons. In this case, you share the cost of group procedures and each participant can order the individual treatment which suits her/his needs. 

Between treatments, the members of your group can enjoy our indoor and outdoor facilities.

VIP Package and Big Groups. 

You still can order a VIP package, which includes private use of all sauna assets and two sauna attendants who work just for you for 3 hours. This is costly, but the most time-efficient way to get the maximum health benefits per session. 

Alternatively, you can bring a bigger group (8 to 12 people), to enjoy the chats and beautiful nature. Although, the individual services will be available not for all group members.

What is Hot Leaves Massage?

Sauna Treatments are one of the most pleasant, healthy, and amazing procedures that you may experience. It can be described as a complex manipulation with leafy branches, hot air, steam, and ice. The purpose is deep and comfortable heating of the body and gentle skin cleansing plus stress and pain relief.

A good Sauna Master can be compared to a Tai Chi Master – who performs a complex set of movements that seem chaotic to the uninitiated, but in fact, it is a masterful art bridging the forces of nature and the energy of the body. The sauna ritual itself is a blend of performance and natural therapy.

In the video below you can see the Hot Leaves Back Treatment performed by the Sauna Attendant in Hot Rock Spa.

Sauna practitioners and staff. 

Steam Room treatments are our exclusive and major service. 

All our practitioners are trained and experienced. 

For the most after-sauna treatments, we cooperate with third-party service providers – registered massage therapists and licensed beauticians.