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To Our Old Friends

Happy Thursdays

Special Offer for October 2022

30% Off From Serviced Sauna Rentals for any Thursday in October.

To Get an Advantage of this offer, please email the code. “HappyThursday” to info@spacarp.ca

Serviced Sauna Rental.

All premises are yours to use for 3 hours. The sauna attendant stays on the property and helps you preheat the steam room, maintain the fire, assist with any questions and execute  three group treatments in the steam room – dry pre-heating, aroma therapy, steam wrapping, and a complimentary demo session  – during which the Sauna Attendant will explain individual sauna treatment in detail and allow you to feel its effect;

After the demo session is completed, you can book any additional treatments or just enjoy the sauna on your own.