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Gift Certificates

We’ve been in the spa business in Ontario for over 15 years, and the best thing we’ve seen is the warmth, care, and attention that loving people give each other.
We were happy to assist with Birthday Surprise Parties, Massage Packages for Loved Ones, and Romantic Spa Days.


If you still did not buy a gift for your beloved one – the Instant Certificate is probably your best chance.
Print the blank now, buy the certificate ( button below) and request from us the unique code.
You are almost done. Just write the code on the certificate and put it in the envelope.


It is touching to the core to see how people who have lived together for decades adore each other and delight each other with pleasant surprises every year.
Spa’s Day Out is a solid option to make anyone feel special.

The Gift Certificates are the more flexible and affordable way to express your feeling and bewitch your sweethearts.

Our certificates

By filling in the form below, you can help someone essential to choose the right gift for the coming holiday.