Hot Rock Spa


The rental rate for the whole premises is $240 for 2.5 hour.

It’s only $30 per person per visit in a group of 8 people.

You can order any additional services at the rate of:

$120/hour for hot room services

$100 for warm procedures

$80/hour for other services

For beginners

We recommend the “Intro to Hot Leaves Treatment” package which costs just

$165 per person for the 4 person group.

The other popular packages are shown below.


1. For groups ( 8 people maximum).



1.1 Self-Service Sauna Rental $250 per visit with 12 visit packages. 

The premises are yours to use for 2.5 hours. The Sauna Attendant preheats the steam room for the first group of the day, but you are responsible for maintaining the fire, using the rooms, and cleaning after visiting.

You can add any sauna treatments to this package if a practitioner with proper qualifications is available at the booked time (you can check on the next step of the booking process).

You or your group are welcome to invite your own service providers (licensed massage therapists, cosmetologists, chiropractors). All invited practitioners must sign a waiver. More information on this is available below.

You are welcome to bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks, but we ask that you please clean up. 

This service is only available for experienced users who have used our saunas before.

1.2. Serviced sauna rental $350

Facility use for 2.5 hours. The sauna attendant stays on the property in his own room and helps you preheat the steam room, maintain fire, assist with any questions and serve hot tea or cold drinks (included in price). 

You can add any sauna and after-sauna treatments from the list below, as long as the practitioner (our partner, with proper qualifications) is available.

1.3. Warm invitation for a couple $700.

Time to warm up your senses, up to 80 degrees Celsius. 

Time to wipe out any negative emotions and feelings with hot birth sticks. 

Time to feel the warm, soothing touch of caring hands. 

Enjoy a sauna treatment for couples in our traditional Nordic Style Spa, Carp.

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1.4 Sixpack. $750

Six individual treatments of your choice plus two group procedures. 1 or 2 sauna attendants to assist you. This package includes six treatments of your choice. It can be three treatments for each person if booked for a couple or one treatment for each member of a group of 6.

1.1.3 Sauna ceremony with hot leaves treatment $ 999


8 personal and 2 group treatments, a pre-defined set of procedures, two sauna-attendants to perform treatments. 

Please note only this package includes hot leaf treatment. At this time, we only have one Sauna Master who is qualified for this type of procedure. The practitioner can only perform 3-4 hot treatments per week, so our capacity for this type of service is very limited.

2. For solo participants.

2.1. Introduction to sauna ceremony. $80/person.

 Introductory session for first-time users.$80 per guest for a 2.5 -hour session. In small groups of 6 – 8 people, we show you Bania’s techniques and provide an opportunity to feel its effect on your body. No personal treatments are included.

2.2. Intro to Hot Leaves Treatement. $125/person

 Introductory session for the curious sauna admirers . $125 per guest for a 2.5 -hour session. In small groups of 6 – 8 people, we show you Bania’s techniques including gentle hot leaves treatment. Your can find more details here.

Like a gourmet food tasting process, you will have the opportunity to try each procedure (shortened in time) and decide which one suits you best. This package is designed for individuals and available in mixed groups or in the single sex groups. 

The sesseions are scheduled as groups are ready – please message us to secure your place in the group. For faster results and more flexibility, you can register in the Facebook group and find the proper companions.