Hot Rock Spa

Spa Packages for Men


No crowds. No Shared Facilities.

Hot Rock Spa in Carp, Ottawa, Ontario, is a private spa in the middle of the wilderness. It is a well-known place for sauna lovers, health lives enthusiasts, and everyone who is looking for a place for a private birthday party, anniversary celebration, or bachelor party.

Hot Rock Spa offers unserviced sauna rentals, serviced sauna sessions, spa packages for couples,  individuals, and the famous Sauna Ceremony. The most famous service is Hot Leaves Treatments – an amazing, healthy, and highly enjoyable kind of massage in the Steam Room.

Included in the package

  • All facilities are for your exclusive private use, including the steam room (sauna), lounge, bath/showers, pool, outdoor fireplace, and gazebo. Just you on the property and the Sauna attendants to serve you. We provide bathrobes, towels, and water. You can bring any food and drinks you wish.

Packages for the Men.

Our core service – is Hot Leaves Treatment. The most popular packages are “Package For Couple” and “VIP package” for individuals. These packages include 3 group treatments in the steam room and one individual treatment per visitor.

Many guests extend their experience with Skin moisturizing massage – a relaxing après la sauna treat to restore the skin balance.

At your request, we can arrange additional services, such as the services of a beautician, a licensed massage therapist, a manicure, or a pedicure. However, all these services are required advanced booking to ensure the availability of the proper professionals.