Hot Rock Spa

Mothers Day.

Gift of True Love.

Ultimate Mother’s Day: Present to your beloved three luxurious hours of pampering… read more

What’s Included: Warm Peeling, Dry Pre-heating, Aroma Therapy, Hot Reflexology, Hot Leaves Massage, Skin Moisturizing Massage.

Options: She can savor this experience solo, or invite up to seven guests to share the day. Each guest enjoys… read more

Gift card options.

With our Gift card tools, you can easily share a link to the gift card with your siblings or with anyone, who wants to participate.

  • Let your siblings share the cost
  • Transform Gifters into Guests
  • Enable Guests to Get Discounted Personal Services
  • Find details here

Real Joy, Real Proof

Like you, we view advertising with skepticism, knowing real experiences outshine any slogan. That’s why we urge you to look closer. We run spa business in Ontario since for 15years, including 2 years in Ottawa. Dive into testimonials from clients who’ve celebrated with us. Visit our website for videos of their genuine joy and rejuvenation. These aren’t just stories; they’re proof from those who’ve lived the experience. Let their testimonials reveal the true potential of celebrating with us.

See us on TV.

Below you can find our latest presentation on Rogers TV, offering a demonstration of the spa treatments. While this showcase is informative, it cannot fully capture the entire spectrum of sensations and happiness you will experience during the treatment. It’s akin to reading descriptions of silk but never understanding its smoothness until it slides across your skin.