Hot Rock Spa

Luxury Packages

Serviced Sauna Rental Ottawa

Luxury packages allow you private use of all Spa facilities and equipment. No shared facilities. No enforced silence mode. More flexible dress code. Your private rental – your rules.
Each session is served by two staff members (usually one Sauna master and one massage). All attention of our staff belongs just to you.

We offer Luxury packages for Couples and Solo visitors.

The best option for groups of three people and more are Serviced Sauna rental package. With this package, you can choose a set of services tailored to your needs.

A 25% Off treatment option is available with Serviced Sauna Rental. 

You can book Serviced Sauna Rental for $350 (3 treatments are included) and add Hot Leaves Treatment for $33 (compared to the full price $45), as well as a skin moisturizing massage for $45 (compared to the full price of $60). 

This deal works well for the groups and does not gain significant benefits for solo visitors. 

You are welcome to bring your friends to share rental costs and make the deal more affordable. 

Serviced Sauna Rental in Ottawa