Hot Rock Spa

Best Birthday Ever


  • The Hot Leaves treatment is a delightful, health-enhancing, and transformative experience, making it an ideal choice for enriching your birthday with wellness and joy.
  • Options are flexible: luxuriate in a solo session, invite a special someone for a cozy, private experience, or host a group for a full-scale Spa Party.
  • Various purchasing options include buying the package for yourself, suggesting it as a gift through a link to your partner, or splitting the cost with friends using the convenient “Gift Card” tool.


Included in the package

  • All facilities are for your exclusive private use, including the steam room (sauna), lounge, bath/showers, pool, outdoor fireplace, and gazebo. Just you on the property and the Sauna attendants to serve you. We provide bathrobes, towels, and water. You can bring any food and drinks you wish.

Treatments included. 3 h in total:

Treatments (3 h in total):
Steam wrapping (for all participants)
Temperature controlled pre-heating (for all participants)
Aromatherapy (for all participants)
Hot Leaves Treatment and after-skin moisturizing massage for the Birthday Person.
Optional: Additional Hot Leaves Treatment ( $45 for each additional participant) and Skin Moisturizing massage ($30 for each additional person)

How to book:

To pay a deposit and book the particular time, please use the form below:

eGift card option.

You can also distribute the price among friends, enabling them to contribute any amount they prefer and even to invite them to your party. Use eGift card webpage to utilize this option.