Hot Rock Spa

For solo participants

Just $30 per visit.

Whole complex rentals.

Unlike most spas in Ottawa, we offer an entire complex for rent, designed for an optimal workload of eight people.

With an optimal load, the price of a visit is only $30 for 2.5 hours.

We understand that it is difficult for many sauna lovers to organize a large group. Some want to take a break from everyday life and daily surroundings.

We try to gather such visitors into groups or help them to gather themselves.

Please message us to book your place in the group.

For faster results and more flexibility, you can register in the Facebook group and find the proper companions.


Dress code.

Our sauna has a private fenced area, so the choice of dress during private rentals is entirely up to you. However, we consider even same-sex group rentals as public events and would ask you to follow the proper rules. More details can be found on the Dress Code page.