Hot Rock Spa

Sauna Attendant. Job Description

Welcome to our team.

Welcome to our team. Our business is not about money. It is about people. Our clients – are our friends. We are doing our best to enrich guests’ experiences with new amazing memories, to help them to become healthier and happier. 

Sauna (Spa) Attendant

We are looking for associates who can share our values and can add new meanings to our enterprise.

We are looking for a part-time associate for the position of Sauna-Master Assistant. The work includes preparing the premises, preheating and maintaining the wood-burning stove, and performing ancillary operations during procedures in the hot room. Prolonged activities in the hot room require you to be in good health and have a strong heart. Advantages include a positive mindset, excellent communication skills, and previous yoga and sports experience.

An ideal job for students studying massage, cosmetology, or non-traditional therapy. After certification, you will be able to provide a full range of services at our spa – from hot leaf massage to the services of a certified specialist.

After 400 hours of Assistant experience, you may apply for the Sauna Master position. 

Absolutely zero tolerance for smoking, vaping, or drugs on the site. Proof of clean criminal records and sexual abuse records are required. 


Please send your CV to email: job@spacarp.ca

Spa Attendant. List of responsibilities.

 • Greets clients, inquires into their appointment status, and relay information to the associated spa therapist

• Prepares Spa Facilities by ensuring that all supplies and equipment are available and laid out according to procedure

• Prepares Steam room, including fire-starting, maintaining the fire in the woodstove, and pre-heating steam room to the proper temperature. 

• Oversee the cleanliness and sanitization of the premises and ensure that any waste material is properly disposed of

• Deal with guest inquiries and provide information over the telephone and in-person

• Replenish supplies required for massages, facials, and manicures regularly

• Coordinate efforts to ensure timely and accurate delivery of supplies and equipment

• Distribute linen such as fresh sheets and towels in treatment rooms and assist in laundry duties such as washing and drying towels and aprons

• Sanitize bathrooms, grooming rooms, and wet areas as per the standards set by the spa management

• Instruct clients on where they can change their clothes and assign lockers to them

• Assume responsibility for opening and closing the spa at designated times

• Assist the Sauna-Master during the  Steam room treatments

• Assist the licensed therapist and beauticians during the lounge area treatments. 

•  After proper training,  may provide contactless services in the steam room, including air wrapping and aromatherapy. 

• Optionally: can learn and after proper training provided to the client’s other Spa services (except those requiring a special license in Ontario). 

The Ideal Candidate:

Loves sauna and healthy lifestyle

He is ready to share his knowledge and experience in this field

Open to the new knowledge 

Healthy enough to work in the hot steam room for prolonged time intervals. A strong heart and lungs are critical. 

Has good communication skills

Can address clients’ complains and concerns


Can work flexible hours to adjust his schedule to the client’s requirements (as long as it is reasonable)

Can bring the new experience and new meanings to our enterprise, including a background in hot yoga and hot room stretching, energy healing, spiritual practices, healthy diets, and enlightening.  

Job Load. 

To the qualified candidates, after the interview and introduction session, we will offer a test period with a part-time load or “on-call” load. We can not guarantee the full load and it is hard to estimate the expected loads in Spring-Summer 2023.