Hot Rock Spa

Job Description Notes

Job Loads.

Starting a business in a new location. Looking for help.
We can offer paid training and “on-call” jobs for successful candidates for Summer-Fall 2022.
Please find hourly rates and job descriptions below.
We can not guarantee full-time jobs in a particular time frame but can provide occasional and well-paid shifts with a flexible timetable.
This job may better suit the students, the candidates who want occasional cash, and full-time workers who want some extra activities after work hours.

Please send your resume to job@spacarp.ca

Job Roles.

Sauna Attendant

The Sauna Attendant is responsible for the site preparation, including starting the fire in the woodstove, cleaning the premises, welcoming the guests, collecting the waivers, and guiding the guests throw the sauna routine. The wage of a Sauna Attendant is $25/h. 

You can find the formal job description here.

We teach selected candidates for the above-mentioned tasks and provide a detailed script and timing. The sauna Attendant works in shifts with Sauna Master or Sauna Master Assistant before the Attendant gains sufficient skills to lead the sauna routine and reach the qualification of Sauna Master Assistant. 

Please send your resume to job@spacarp.ca

Sauna Master Assistant. 

In addition to the tasks above, Sauna Master Assistant performs contactless treatment in the steam room and is allowed to provide skin moisturizing after sauna treatment. The wage of a Sauna Attendant grows from  $25/h to  $35/h, in increments of $2 per every 40 hours of practical experience. 

Please send your resume to job@spacarp.ca

Sauna Master. 

After 200 hours of practice under the supervision of the experienced practitioner, the sauna attendant can apply for the position of Sauna Master. The training process takes another 200 hours. Sauna Master wage grows to $60/h, in increments of $10 per every 40 hours of practical experience.

Please send your resume to job@spacarp.ca

Independent practitioners. 

We are interested in partnering with practitioners trained in related services, including massage, reiki, energy healing, facials, and manicure/pedicure. Experienced and licensed professionals are paid at a rate of $60 per hour and up if clients require the services provided by this master.

Independent practitioners can also be trained for the Sauna Attendant position to lead groups throughout the whole session. In this case, the practitioner receives separate wages for the sauna and independent licensed services. Combining “Sauna Attendant” and Independent Practitioner activities is optional, but it helps maximize the load and wages.

Please send your resume to job@spacarp.ca


The information below, cannot be considered as the job offer and may be changed at an time without notice.