Hot Rock Spa

Sauna Treatment. Pricelist. Spring 2022

The private sauna rental is our primary service. All other services are optional and supplementary.

You can order a single treatment, a custom set of treatments, or a package. 

The price per person is shown below. The package price does not include “Sauna rental”, so for example the individual order for the hot leaves front treatment cost $285 ($240 + $45). You can invite friends to share the cost of sauna rental. The price of individual treatments is charged just by the persons who use particular treatments. So a group of 8 who ordered four Hot Leaves Front Treatments will pay $ 420 ($240 + $45 x 4) in total.

The maximum number of guests is 8 people. The minimum order for the services is $180. 

or Group
Price per personPrice per groupTime per  session
Hot room procedures:
Hot leaves front  treatmentPersonal$ 4515 min
Hot leaves back treatmentPersonal$ 4515 min
Hot reflexology Personal$ 4515 min
Ice and flamePersonal$ 4515 min
Leaves Self-Treatment PracticeGroup$ 4530 min
Steam wrappingGroup$ 4515 min
Aromatherapy Group$ 4515 min
Temperature controlled pre-heatingGroup$ 4520 min
Warm room procedures:
Warm body peeling/contrastPersonal$ 3015 min
Stick and leaves massage/compressPersonal$ 3015 min
Warm stretchPersonal$ 3015 min
Lounge room  treatments:
Skin moisturizing massagePersonal$ 2020 min
Facial MaskPersonal$ 2020 min
Facial. Skin cleaningPersonal$ 2020 min
Foot massagePersonal$ 2020 min
Palm massagePersonal$ 2020 min
ManicurePersonal$ 2015 min
PedicurePersonal$ 2015 min
Therapeutic massagePersonal$ 4020 min
Anti-cellulite wrapping. Personal$ 4020 min
Deed tissue massagePersonal$ 4020 min

Price is shown per person. Each additional order from the same group receives a 20 % discount. The minimum order for treatments is $200.